Catlana is one of the better ragdoll cat breeders with pictures and images of rag doll kittens and ragdolls. We have ragdoll kittens for sale.

  Ragdoll Kittens for Sale
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This is lovely Chanel #5

Ragdoll cats have beautiful BLUE EYES, sweet faces and are large & gentle, huggable, very relaxed, intelligent, affectionate. Semi-long, soft, silky, non-matting fur. Large, loose fatty pendant on the abdomen. Tuffs in the ears and between the toes. Ragdoll cats are pointed cats with darker color on the ears, face and tail.

Ragdoll Kittens



Ragdoll cats are a truly unique cat, they are an exceptionally Gentle and have a well-balanced temperament. Their meow is a quiet, chirping trill. They do not display the independence and aloofness for which cats generally are known. They want to be where you are and will follow you everywhere. They are a personality cat, intelligent, playful and affectionate. has been raising beautiful rag doll kittens since 1999.

Please don't declaw:
View this link or this one with photos.


Ragdolls are Irresistibly huggable and have a sweet-natured temperament, growing exceptionally large and heavy.  Full maturity of size and color are not to be expected for at least 3 years. Adult males may reach 17-20 pounds. Females will weigh about 11-13 pounds. Adding to its cuddliness are its unique characteristics of going limp in your arms when you pick it up and its unusual, plush, silky, non-matting fur, thick feathers, and a fluffy fat tail, not to mention the furry, large, loose fatty pendant on the abdomen. And, of course, there are tuffs in the ears and between the toes!

bulletRagdoll cats are gentle, calm, quiet, affectionate, yet alert they love to play. They are very intelligent. These cats are so named because of their ability to relax like a RAGDOLL, we call it the ragdoll dangle.  Ragdolls are strictly indoor cats and don't possess normal fight instincts like other animals. Ragdolls can not go outside

bulletRagdoll cats are a wonderful addition to your family. They want to be with you all the time. Ragdolls will be at the door to greet you when you come home. They love to have their chins scratched and their bellies rubbed. They love to sleep stretched out on their backs with the back legs wide apart.  We call it our flop house.

Ragdolls are pointed cats with darker color on the ears, face and tail.
The main color of a Ragdoll is cream and or white.
The kittens are born all white. 
All Ragdoll cats have blue eyes.

We have been a ragdoll breeder for 16 years.  All of our ragdolls and kittens are registered with
The International Cat Association, TICA, and The Cat Fanciers Association, CFA.

We consider our ragdoll cats part of our family and every ragdoll kitten is raised inside our home. Kittens run under foot and in the kitchen, they always think it is time to eat............

This ensures a safe, healthy, well-socialized environment for all.  Good health and sweet ragdoll temperaments are priorities at Catlana. See ragdoll kitten pictures from this link. Catlana is one of the finest Ragdoll Cat breeders since 1998. We love our show cats and we take pride in every ragdoll kitten placed from our loving home to yours.  

Catlana Ragdoll Cats is proud to have bred show quality kittens, placed locally and internationally. Catlana Ragdoll cattery is the home of Quadruple Grand Champion Sophia Loren, The International Cat Association's (TICA) "Best National Blue Colorpoint Ragdoll Cat for 2005". 

Ragdoll Kittens for sale

Catlana's Louis Vuitton,  New kid on the block.
Born here with us, from Georgio & Olivia
He is my upcoming Stud, for future Catlana Ragdoll Kittens.
Just look at those beautiful eyes.

You can view a movie of our  ragdoll kittens


Catlana Tiffany NY

Vaccination Protocol from UC Davis
Over-vaccinating can cause auto-immune disorders & allergies

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Whip Poor Will Toy


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