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Updated   03/25/2017  

Thank you for your interest in my Ragdoll Kittens.
You can email me, Press Here
or type into your mail program, kittytalk007@gmail.com

Also offering for sale
my famous Whip-Poor-Will Teaser Wand
Click Here


Current litter
Tiffany & Louis
Accepting deposits

female seal colorpoint
female seal mitted

Seal Mitted Female

Seal Colorpoint Male
On Hold for Ramsey Kids

Seal Bicolor Male
On Hold for Nancy

Female Seal Bicolor


Available for breeder sale

see on Our Cats page


For your entertainment,

Mother's Love

To inquire,
email Barb:
  catlanaragdolls@gmail.com or kittytalk007@gmail.com

Accepting deposits, email Barb
catlanaragdolls@gmail.com or kittytalk007@gmail.com
If you are using gmail or hotmail or a web based email
You may have to copy & paste my email address into your mail program


Go Here to view some Videos &
Ragdoll Information and Products

The famous Whip-Poor-Will Teaser
Available for sale,
3 Teasers for $10, free shipping

email me to pay by check kittytalk007@gmail.com or
Pay by Paypal  

Whip Poor Will Toy


Just wanted to let you know I gave out 8 toys to friends and family and they are all raving about them!

You should be in the pet stores or a TV commercial.


Praise Our Father

View previous Ragdoll Kittens

Vaccination Guidelines

How to prepare my recommended soft meal

Perhaps this will bring a smile to you.......
Believe in Miracles........


If you are interested in one of my Ragdoll Kittens,
you may reach me, Barb,
by email


All my kittens are spayed & neutered prior to leaving.
My ragdoll kittens are purebred and registered.
I have been raising Ragdolls for 14 years,
And show my adults.

Do Not use the New ProMeris Flea & Tick control on your Ragdoll CAT,
It can be

Ragdoll Cats can not have this

If you are using gmail or hotmail or a web based email
You may have to copy & paste my email address into your mail program

You may email Barb
email Barbara
or (208) 340-0322

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